How to sterilize your jars

How to sterilize your jars

In this post I will explain you how to sterilize your glas jars / bottles properly in order to use them for homemade jams, jellys, syrups, essences and whatever else you wanna store.

Why do we have to sterilize our jars?

When making a lot of homemade products like jams, syrups, etc. you want to make sure that all your jars including the lids and rubbers from vacuum jars are sterilized. Sterilizing means we want to bring down the amount of germs as much as possible. Germs can make your food go bad faster. So, we want to make sure the amount of bacteria and germs is as low as possible.

There are several different ways you can sterilize your jars with. Here are a few easy ways I know. There are more, however, I do not know enough about them nor have tested them so will not include them.

How to sterilize with a steamer:

This is the way I always do it as it is an easy, lazy way to do.

A steamer is the perfect way to sterilize jars if you have a large amount of them. You can get controlled, high temperatures with steam without having to touch the jars. Here I explain how you generally do it with a steamer. However, some steamers even have their separate sterilization setting. Take a quick look at your instruction book.

Make sure you check your material if it is heat proof before you put them into the steamer!

If your jars are very dirty I recommend you clean them with some dish soap first. Make sure you get rid of all the dish soap tough.

Put your steamer into the steaming setting at 100°C. Use the baking tray with the holes in them and put the jars, lids and rubber pieces on that tray. It is important that the jars don’t touch each other. Steam them for 15 minutes in the middle section. Take them out with oven mittens.

The jars are now sterilized and can instantly be used.

How to sterilize your jars on the stove:

This is another easy and save method.

First clean your jars. Then add them to a big pot having the top facing up. Also add the lids and and rubbers. Then fill the pot with water until everything is covered. Bring the water to a boil and let it boil for 10 minutes.

Remove everything and put it on a towel as they will be pretty wet. Make sure you try to not touch the inside of the jar or lids as that will contaminate them again. Once a bit dried and not that hot anymore you can use them.

How to sterilize your jars in the sink:

The last method I know of is simply doing it in your sink. Here you have to be careful to not burn your fingers.

Clean your jars including lid and rubber piece with warm water. Put all your jars with the open part up into your sink. Add the lids and rubbers. Bring water to a boil in a kettle or on the stove. Make sure you clos the drain of the sink.

Pour the boiling water into the sink. Make sure the lids and rubbers are covered and the jars are completely filled. Let everything sit for 10 minutes.

Pour out the water and let it go down the drain.. With oven mittens or a towel take them out and let everything rest on a towel. Make sure you try to not touch the inside of the jar or lids as that will contaminate them again.

As mentioned there are many more ways to sterilize your jars. Those are just the ones I do know and tried. If you know of any other ways I would love to hear from you how they work.

Recipes you will need those methods for:

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