Hi, I’m Bianca!

Food has always been a very important part of my life. As a kid I used to sit in the kitchen watching my parents with cooking and baking. Later I started to cook and especially bake myself.

Personally I love to get to know the people behind a blog better. So, lets get a bit personal here!

I am super lucky to call Switzerland my home. It is such a beautiful country with so much to discover. Currently I am a full time student doing my Bachelor degree in International Management. The studies is yet another way for me to follow my calling of getting to know the world with all its people.

While I am not studying for school I love to make my family, friends and neighbors smile with some good homemade food. As a huge animal lover you can see me spend lots of time with our Labrador Shana. She is my rock and making me smile every day.

If you can’t find me in the kitchen, behind the camera or snuggling with Shana I’ll probably be sipping a tea watching a good Netflix show. I am a huge tea lover and hoarder. There are 2 drawers in my room filled with only tea lol

My Inspiration

About me: Hi I'm Bianca

During my life I had the opportunity to meet many different people from all around the world. When meeting people from a different place on earth I always love to get to know their culture trough their food and finding out what they love to eat. That way I discovered many new flavors and ways to cook which influenced my cooking a lot.

After struggling a lot with my mental health I decided to start taking care of myself again and get a good self-care routine. As I loved good food I instantly decided to make daily cooking part of that routine. On this journey I shared photos of my food with all my friends and family. To make this process easier I decided to start a food blog on Instagram at the beginning of 2020.

Not long before I decided to start my food blog, I met my better half who’s an American. This was a huge cultural shock to me and the inspiration for the name “Oh Sweet Cultureshock”.

On my food journey I tried many new flavors and incorporated them into my recipes. As a picky eater I challenged myself to keep trying new things but also food I didn’t like by just preparing them differently.

Fast forward to present day. I am still a food enthusiast and on my journey of cooking every day I discovered my passion for food photography and recipe development. With the launch of my website in 2021 I finally have a space for you to find all my creations and make the next big step of hopefully making a living with what I love the most one day: food!

My Mission

The goal of this blog is to provide you with delicious, seasonal recipes from scratch. I want to help you gain confidence to cook from scratch and find your taste by preparing the recipes the way you like them.

As an ex-picky eater, I hope to show you that even something you normally do not like can be delicious. It would be an amazing accomplishment if I can make you discover new flavors and bring a smile to your face with recipes you love every day. Come with me on a journey discovering the mouthwatering world of food with all its facets. I want you to have good food on your table every day that you enjoy and are proud to have cooked yourself!

Professional Credentials

Featured in:

  • Creatively Squared Blog
  • Creatively Squared Community Member Feature
  • Food Capture Collective
  • Feature my Food
  • FoodStoriesUnited
  • Lens and Table
  • Produce us beautiful

Professional Experience:

  • 2 years as food photographer, and food blogger, trained with Foodtography school, Advanced Foodtography school and the Artificial Light Academy by Joanie Simon.

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